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Searching Tips & Tricks
You have 4 drop down search options (to the left of the serach box)
    Catalog No
    Author Surname

Keyword Searches
Keyword searches are the most common
Keyword searches search both the title and author name but not genre or category (use the dropdown menu to get these)
Trivial words (eg: is, the, of) will be disregarded for keyword searches
Wildcards may be used in any part of keyword searching
    e.g. 'ca*' will match to 'cat', 'cab', 'Canberra', 'catastrophe', etc.
    e.g. 'people anx*' will match 'people' and words starting with 'anx' i.e 'anxious'
    e.g. if looking for 'Jodi Picoult' then 'pic* jod*' will work

Author Surname Searches
Search on surname only as there as many combinations of first name or first initial
    e.g. searching for 'shakespeare william' will miss 'shakespeare' and 'shakespeare w'
Wildcards CANNOT be used in any part of author surname searching

ISBN Searches
Each book has a unique 13 digit ISBN code starting with 978. This is an exact search of that 13 digit code

General Info on Searches
Author, Title and ISBN searches are alphabetic from the starting point which you specify as the search text. Therefore 'Paters' will find 'Paterson A', 'Paterson A B', 'Paterson K', etc.
All searches are NOT case-sensitive.