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           Title    Author    Binding    ISBN/Item #   ( $AUD )   On Shelf*    
  The Complete Book of Classic Volkswagens Gunnell John H'back 9780760349878 69.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Silent Corner Koontz Dean P'back 9780732298692 32.99 No In Which Store
  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Skloot Rebecca 9781760553739 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Rise of the Dungeon Master (Illustrated Edition) Kushner David P'back 9781568585598 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Ones That Disappeared Fraillon Zana P'back 9780734417152 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Chase Barclay Linwood P'back 9781510102194 14.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Dream Walker Carless Victoria P'back 9780734417473 19.99 Yes In Which Store
  Just Like My Dad Melling David P'back 9781444931822 15.99 Yes In Which Store
  Dinotrux Dig the Beach Gall Chris P'back 9780316463812 12.99 Yes In Which Store
  Just Like My Papa Buzzeo Toni Board book 9781484787953 14.99 Yes In Which Store
  Living the Dream Berry Lauren P'back 9780349008974 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  All That She Can See Fletcher Carrie Hope P'back 9780751563184 29.99 No In Which Store
  The Fallen Atkins Ace P'back 9781472152985 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Legion of Flame #2 Draconis Memoria Ryan Anthony P'back 9780356506418 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Fatal Gate #2 Irvine Ian P'back 9780356505237 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Black Elfstone The Fall of Shannara (final) Brooks Terry P'back 9780356510156 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Anne of Ingleside Montgomery L. M. P'back 9780349009490 16.99 Yes In Which Store
  Anne of Windy Willows Montgomery L. M. P'back 9780349009445 16.99 Yes In Which Store
  Rainbow Valley Montgomery L. M. P'back 9780349009513 16.99 Yes In Which Store
  Rowing the Pacific Dawson Mick P'back 9781472140418 32.99 No In Which Store
  Fifty Things that Made the Modern Economy Harford Tim P'back 9781408709122 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Sugar Walvin James P'back 9781472138101 32.99 No In Which Store
  Set Phasers to Stun 50 years of star trek Berkmann Marcus P'back 9780349141152 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  Spider-Man Homecoming Prelude Marvel Comics P'back 9781302905163 30.99 No In Which Store
  Spider-Man Forever Young Petrucha Stefan H'back 9781302902773 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  Color Your Own Spider-Man Authors Various P'back 9781302903701 20.99 Yes In Which Store
  Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen Sitting in a Tree Marvel Comics P'back 9781302907624 36.99 No In Which Store
  Black Panther World of Wakanda Vol. 1 Dawn of th Coates Ta-Nehisi Roxane Gay P'back 9781302906504 36.99 Yes In Which Store
  Deadpool the Duck Moore Stuart P'back 9781302904845 36.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Unworthy Thor Aaron Jason P'back 9781302906672 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Invincible Iron Man Ironheart Vol. 1 Bendis Brian Michael H'back 9781302906719 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme Vol. 1 Thompson Robbie P'back 9781302905903 32.99 No In Which Store
  Infamous Iron Man Vol. 1 Infamous Bendis Brian Michael P'back 9781302906245 36.99 Yes In Which Store
  Understanding Trump Gingrich Newt H'back 9781478923084 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  Gumbo Love Buffett Lucy H'back 9781455566440 42.99 No In Which Store
  Batman Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal Manning Matthew K. Novelty book 9780762462162 55.00 Yes In Which Store
  My Dad Had That Car Burness Tad H'back 9780316430913 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  Serious McEnroe John P'back 9780751534214 24.99 Yes In Which Store
  Together Cohen Julie P'back 9781409171751 29.99 No In Which Store
  The Lightkeeper's Daughters Pendziwol Jean E. P'back 9781474605014 29.99 No In Which Store
  Last of the Giants Wall Mick P'back 9781409167235 22.99 Yes In Which Store
  A Year of Beautiful Eating Shaw Madeleine H'back 9781409170471 45.00 Yes In Which Store
  Syria Azzam Itab H'back 9781474604505 49.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Secrets She Keeps Robotham Michael P'back 9780733638015 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Wimmera Brandi Mark P'back 9780733638459 29.99 Yes In Which Store
  The Rag Tag Fleet Shaw Ian W. P'back 9780733637292 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Professional Bull Riders of Australia H'back 9780733638350 39.99 Yes In Which Store
  A Paris Year MacLeod Janice H'back 9780733638619 35.00 Yes In Which Store
  No Way! Okay Fine Lancaster Brodie P'back 9780733635991 32.99 Yes In Which Store
  Dangerous Minds #2 Evanovich Janet P'back 9781472225573 29.99 No In Which Store