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Join our Monthly Book Club!

In early 2019 Robinsons established our first Book Club groups at our store at The Glen. This turned out to be an amazing success and has now grown to almost 80 members across 6 different clubs!

From 2020 we have opened up the opportunity to form bookclubs at all of our stores and are seeking members!

How does it work?

Each month, we select new release books for our clubs to read, taking into account the tastes of the club members and use our inside knowledge of what's hot in advance of books being released. That way our book club members really have their fingers on the pulse of what is hot in the world of books! Those wishing to attend a session read our selected title then come together to discuss the book and share thoughts about the content and topics raised. These sessions are always fun and relaxed and are a great way for like-minded book lovers to come together to discuss fresh literature.

We're currently taking expressions of interest from readers who would like to join a book club! Come and be a part of our existing Book Clubs at The Glen, or let us know which store you'd like to see start up a Book Club and we'll pop you on the waiting list!

There is no obligation to attend every month - you may have other commitments or choose to skip a book and so we find casual membership means we get more attendees overall.

It is FREE TO ATTEND if you purchase the book from Robinsons. We offer Bookclub members a 10% discount on bookclub titles to reward them for their participation.

Joining is simple

To join please email the team via: stating your name, contact details, which club you are interested in and also nominating your local Robinsons store where you would like to attend. Note dates advertised on the events page are a rough guide - based on the dates/times for the Glen clubs and may vary slightly across locations.

Once we have enough members for clubs at each store (we are making a list), we will let you know and communicate with you about dates/times and announce the book we will be reading.

It's all very exciting!